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Big City Trip Report

This past weekend Elroy, Junior, and I  made the long trek from New England to New York to visit the Children's Museum of Manhattan (where the Magic School Bus exhibit has now closed) and to meet a friend for lunch.  (Scroll down to the "Honk, Honk" post.)

The first floor of the museum is devoted to a Dr. Seuss exhibit, where one is directed to "un-shlump the Borfin," among other activities, and where one can read couplets like "While a Bolster blows bloops on a three-nozzled bloozer!/A Nolster blows floops on a one-nozzled noozer!" It's not the fault of the Children's Museum of Manhattan that Dr. Seuss irritates me. (I will not like it/No, I won't/I will not like it/See, I don't.) BUT Junior enjoyed the Seuss stuff, and unschlumping the Borfin is his idea of a good time. There are plenty of buttons to push and levers to switch and, heck, the exhibit is book-related so I shouldn't complain.

Junior was happy enough to drive the Magic School Bus in the museum's basement (oops, make that lower lobby); more buttons and levers and the weather-related gadgetry intrigued him. What he loved, though, was the City Splash Outdoor Water Play out back of the first floor. He could have spent hours there. Instead, I dragged him by the collar back to the  Magic School Bus weather station to study the maps. Just kidding. He played at City Splash a long, long time. You'd think the child had never seen a hose.

You know what the moral of this story is. I'm not even going to say it.


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