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Picture Book of the Week, no. 2

Expecting Potter, Need Book

For the kiddos  waiting for Harry Potter, this week the American Library Association released a  list of alternatives to tide them over. The Wizard of Oz, Artemis Fowl, and The Hobbit all turn up. Ho hum.  The Hobbit's author is printed as J.R.R. "Tolkein," with a publication date of 2001. Oh, dear. That's Tolkien. 1937.

Hey, ALA! Maybe somebody needs to get up a little earlier to make the coffee. NPR beat you to this by more than a month, boosting Whales on Stilts, by M.T. Anderson, onto the bestseller list. The NPR site offers audio and print excerpts of the recommended titles, too.


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Thanks for the links, Susan! ALA didn't ask me, but if they had, I'd have recommended Zizou Corder's "Lion Boy" series. My older son hasn't read the Harry books yet, but I bet he'll be freaking out like nobody's business in anticipation of the final book in Corder's series. (Maybe he'll start reading Harry while he waits...)

The Lion Boy series sounds like a great one to add to the waiting-for-Harry list. Thanks! And gracias for the link to your blog. Looks like some good reading there, too!

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