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Lotsa de Criticism

Finding negative reviews of Lotsa de Casha, Madonna's latest, is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.  Catch this one from Belfast:

Even worse, these trite homilies devalue the currency of the fairytale.

All the darkness, danger and delirium of this tradition (which, in recent years, has excited writers such as Angela Carter and A S Byatt) is washed away in a tide of schmaltz.

Ouch. This makes  Publishers Weekly's "artless fable" comment look like a rave. Okay, not really.

I should point out that everyone complements the art work of Rui Paes.

And I want to tell y'all that I had a very nice e-mail from Callaway, Madonna's publisher, explaining that the web site will be updated within the next month and will include information on Lotsa de Casha. Now, if I were an author and the web site wasn't current with my newest, I might be a little ticked off, but then again I've never sold out Madison Square Garden.

Do you think the name recognition will outweigh the bad reviews? And that, my friends, is my final rhetorical question of the evening.


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It would have saved everyone a lot of effort and column inches if Madonna had written Rainbow Party instead...

That's funny, Chris! Amen on that.

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