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Librarians, Manga, and Anime: Oh My!

Mickey Mouse Is a Rubenesque Harlot?

Employing much franker language, Maurice Sendak criticizes the Disney rodent in an interview on NPR. He's referring to the Mickey Mouse of today, not the mouse of yesteryear, whom Sendak adores. His home is filled with Mickey  memorabilia, and Sendak speaks lovingly of the Mickey Mouse cartoons of the thirties.

In this follow-up to last week's segment on Harold and the Purple Crayon (the picture book by Sendak's friend Crockett Johnson), Sendak talks to Jennifer Ludden about  "picture making," Mozart, George Eliot, and writing for children, or rather,  not writing for children. Listen to the audio file on NPR to hear Sendak expound further. He's not one to hold back.

More Sendak, who "snaps" at a  USA Today reporter. 6.09.05.


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