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Welcome to Chicken Spaghetti! Here’s a bit about the origins of the blog.

 January 2005 marked my entry into the 21st century; I finally gave up the dial-up modem and upgraded to cable. Hello. I discovered some terrific, intelligent literary sites, like, Beatrice, and About Last Night, which covers theater, art, jazz, and other arts, as well. The blogs seemed to talk to each other, and I enjoyed the conversation so much that I started hunting around for ones about children’s books, a current interest. I didn’t really find any that piqued my curiosity.

There are some funny mommy blogs,  such as Suburban Bliss (and some unsettling ones, too), and though they inspired me with their humor, I knew that these blogs’ confessional natures were best left to the mama bloggers. After seeing how well Moorishgirl’s niche works, and after reading the fabulous, I-can’t-recommend-it-enough Read Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease, I decided to try it myself: a blog about books for children.  Chicken Spaghetti is written  for adults: aunts, uncles, friends, parents, teachers, librarians, anyone interested in kids' books.  I talked to Michael Neff (who hosts Global City Review’s site over at Web del Sol, among many other endeavors) about my idea, and he provided great encouragement.

As for the name, it’s kid-friendly, and at one time I’d considered devoting a blog to that delicious blobby casserole. Better sense prevailed, thank goodness. (But don’t think I’m above printing a recipe.) My background is in publishing, and I read a lot of books with my son, who is of kindergarten age. Think Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy Town and Curious George.

And, so, here is Chicken Spaghetti, which is still very much of a work in progress.


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An exciting new site!

Thank you, Irwin!

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