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Dear Ms. Fantasy

The literary web log The Places You Will Go offers  a wonderful  interview with Justine Larbalestier, who wrote the young adult novel Magic or Madness. In a starred review, School Library Journal said, "By turns a fantasy adventure and a thoughtful examination of relationships, this radiant gem stands alone, but expect readers to be impatient for the rest of the trilogy." I have not read Larbalestier's work, but that review certainly makes me want to.

From Daphne Lee Mei Lin's chat with the author on The Places You Will Go:

"Do you still read children’s and young adult books?

Yes. I stopped reading them when I was around twelve because I decided I was far too grown up and sophisticated and would only read adult books from then on. Then in my twenties a good friend, Lawrence Schimel, gave me Philip Ridley’s In the Eyes of Mr Fury which I adored without realising it was a young adult book. He then loaned me a whole stack of M. E. Kerr books and many others I forget the names of. Anyway I was off—have been reading young adult and children’s chapter books ever since. Clearly, I’m much less sophisticated now then I was at twelve. I didn’t discover Diana Wynne Jones or Margaret Mahy until I was an adult. Now they’re two of my most favourite writers."

Thanks to Tingle Alley for the link to JL's blog.


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Daphne's blog is Malaysian not British.

Malaysia and Great Britain. Long way apart, aren't they? Thanks. I made a correction.

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