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My father sent me the following list, which I traced to the Syracuse Cultural Workers publishing house, where it's available as a bookmark, card, etc., in English and  Spanish.  Dad's list helped inspire an activity that I will  post about soon. Thank you, Dad!

How To Build Community

Turn off the TV. Leave your house.

Greet people.

Look up when you’re walking.

Sit on your stoop. Plant flowers.

Use your library.  Play together.

Buy from your local merchants.

Share what you have.  Help a lost dog.

Take children to the park. Honor elders.

Support neighborhood schools.

Fix it even when you did not break it.

Have pot luck suppers. Garden together.

Pick up litter. Read stories aloud.

Dance in the street.

Talk to the mail carrier.

Listen to the birds. Put up a swing.

Help carry something heavy.

Barter for your goods.

Start a tradition. Ask a question.

Hire young people for odd jobs.

Organize a  block party.

Bake extra and share.

Ask for help when you need it.

Open your shades. Sing together.

Share your skills.

Take back the night.

Turn up the music.  Turn down the music.

Listen before you react to anger.

Mediate a conflict. Seek to understand.

Learn from new and uncomfortable angles.

Know that no one is silent though many are not heard.

Work to change this.



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Nice list - thanks for passing it on. We try to do many of those things but it is nice to be reminded and there are some good ones I hadn't thought of. Looking forward to hearing about your activity.

Todd, thanks for your nice words! I hope to get that entry in print in the next few days. Your site is neat; Toronto sounds like a fun city to live in.


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