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As a newly minted admirer of Kate DiCamillo's Because of Winn-Dixie, I scooted over to the author's web site to look around. She has posted a tribute to The Borrowers books, testifying  that their magic still works for her.

Magic. That's a word I'd apply to Winn-Dixie, too. I don't know when I've been as charmed by a novel. Most of you know this book, I'm sure, but just in case, here's quick summary: a young Southern girl and her preacher daddy move to a new town and must re-adjust. Smoothing their way is a lovable stray dog, who makes friends wherever he goes. Humor and melancholy, loneliness and companionship—DiCamillo balances everything so easily that I wanted her book to keep going on and on.

Some children may be mature enough for Winn-Dixie at six or so, but I will wait until my soon-to-be first-grader is a few years older. Part of the story deals, in a gentle way (but, still), with the girl's abandonment by her mother. For an older child accustomed to chapter books, DiCamillo's novel would be a wonderful read-aloud before seeing the movie; I'd love hearing the funny dialogue.

Later this month Kate DiCamillo's first early chapter book, Mercy Watson to the Rescue, is due in the stores. The hero is a pig; she and her cohorts are rendered by Chris Van Dusen. I can't wait to see it!


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I just read Because of Winn Dixie last week and was also captivated. Have you read The Tale of Despereaux yet? That one is my favorite Kate DiCamillo book so far--such an odd assortment of characters. Mercy Watson looks promising, can't wait 'til it is released. :)

Hi, Jamie! yep, I want to read Despereaux soon. I really admire Kate D.'s writing.

We love Because of Winn Dixie. My 7 and 4 year old saw the movie before we read the book. Even the four year old sat completely still as we read Because of Winn Dixie aloud.

Kim, that's good news about your youngsters listening to Because of Winn-Dixie! Maybe I'll read it aloud sooner rather than later. I just loved it.

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