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The author and illustrator Don Tate II comments on picture-book biographies on his blog, Devas T Rants and Raves!; you'll pick up some good ideas from his list.

Wilma Unlimited
, a biography of the great track star Wilma Rudolph, is the first one that  I want to read with my son. I still remember the song from "Wilma," a TV movie directed by Bud Greenspan: "I just want to be a Tigerbelle." Rudolph, an Olympic gold-medalist, ran for the Tennessee State Tigerbelle team in college.

Mindy at The Proper Noun bkjrnl, a new blog, reviewed Wilma Unlimited recently, too. Don't you love it when the Web works like that!

Elsewhere on his site, Don Tate posts a tribute to the late Toni Trent Parker.

Thanks to Chris at  Bartography for the link to Don Tate's blog. (Is everybody in Austin writing books for children?)


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I know, isn't the Austin thing funny? I'm thinking of moving, even though it is Texas :) All sorts of smart, creative people in one place.

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