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"Bookish Assistance" for Children, no. 2

Here's a concrete way to help some folks who had to leave their homes and re-locate because of Katrina and now, possibly, Rita. (I rounded up a bunch of brand-newish books at the local Goodwill, where such treasures turn up frequently.)  Colleen Mondor, a contributor to the literary blog & magazine Bookslut, sent us the following:

As you may have read in Bookslut a couple of weeks ago, (where I am a regular contributor) I am trying to build support for donations down South. I am currently working with a group in Baton Rouge to help some children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Josh Causey and his group at Parkview Baptist Church are spending their time with children sheltered with their families at Southern University. They are doing arts and crafts, playing games and reading books. The program is expanding to other shelters and includes after school tutoring.  I have set up wishlists for the kids at Amazon, but I'm hoping that authors, illustrators, reviewers and comic creators and publishers will also consider donating a few titles.  The children cover all ages and all interests - at this point, I think they would be thrilled with any gift.

The Amazon wish lists are here. Books and games should be sent to

Josh Causey
Parkview Baptist Church
11795 Jefferson Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Colleen Mondor has reviewed young adult titles for Bookslut.


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