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Trashy Talk

Toward the end of the summer, Junior and I undertook a trash extravaganza. Junior adores our area's recycling facility (well,  someone has to), and asks to visit often. From inside a building with large picture windows, one can see large trucks dumping recyclable materials into enormous piles. We are a county of orange juice drinkers and Tide users, to judge from such heaps.

So, inspired by the Community Building list and by the resourcefulness of home-school bloggers like Poppins, I dreamed up some little projects that we needed to do before our trip to to the beloved recycling plant.  We read books (a few too many for Junior's taste),  constructed a recycling depot in our laundry room (much more to his liking), and collected garbage around our neighborhood, where we reaped in about 35 pounds of trash. 35 pounds in a mile-long walk. Isn't that amazing? The next day, having a greater appreciation for the Reduce/Re-use/Recycle mantra, I took Junior to the recycling place, where he spent a couple of happy hours.

In regard to the books,  starting with Paul Showers’s indispensable Where Does the Garbage Go?, I recommend  I Stink, by Kate and Jim McMullan, about a New York City garbage truck; Compost: Growing Gardens from Your Garbage, by Linda Glazer; and Litter, by Donna Bailey. We found all of them at the library.


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I LOVE "I stink." What a great book. The poopy diapers and fish bones elicit a laugh each and every time I read this book aloud.

"I Stink" is the most fun of all the books I mentioned, though the others certainly have great information.

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