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This Is the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Bookends_1Here is the reality of Katrina. (Click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge it.) This is the site of  Bookends, an independent bookstore in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. (The image arrived in a message from Lemuria Books, in Jackson, Mississippi.) The staff and owner of the Bay St. Louis store are fine. Susan Daigre, Bookends's proprietor,  writes, "To my wonderful customers who talked books and bought books and became friends, I will miss you all. Please continue to support your independent booksellers. I guess the future of Bookends depends on many things. How soon I can rebuild my home, if there is a viable economy on the Gulf Coast, the support of the publishers and the insurance industry doing the right thing. Many of my 'book people' friends have called to wish me well and I thank you all."


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Or not... I clicked on the photo and it came up with gobbledygook... :-(

Hmm, Michele. Don't know why that's not working. It's okay here. Will run a test on it. thanks.

Try clearing your cache and see if that does the trick. My husband tested it out, and the image worked fine on his computer.

Still gobbledygook, I'm afraid... :-( I'll just have to squint ! ;-)

Sorry about that. I wish I could diagnose the technological problem; there's bound to be an easy solution. Oh, well.

Don't worry about it too much... Computers are always tempramental - mine is usually 20% temper and 80% mental !

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