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NYTBR 100 Notables. Talk Amongst Ourselves.

The Columbia Journalism Review Daily dissects the New York Times Book Review's "100 Notable Books of the Year," and finds that one out of every six was written by a Times staffer or regular  contributor to the paper. Paul Leary reports,

Around this time every year, major newspaper and magazine editors from sea to shining sea -- which is to say, all the way from Sixth Avenue in Manhattan to Tenth Avenue in Manhattan -- assemble their staffs for brainstorming sessions to compile the obligatory "Best of" lists. Such lists are, of course, an entirely subjective selection of what were the most important or influential books, movies, or music of the year -- hence the annual squabbles that these lists spawn among the chattering classes each holiday season.

Muchas gracias to maudnewton.com for the link to the CJR.


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No way. I mean, really.

I'm not completely surprised at the tally!

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