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"The Philharmonic Gets Dressed"

Imagedbcgi_3Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a treat for all you picture-book fans.    

From The Philharmonic Gets Dressed:

It is almost Friday night. Outside, the dark is getting darker and the cold is getting colder. Inside, lights are coming on in houses and apartment buildings. And here and there, uptown and downtown and across the bridges of the city, one hundred and five people are getting dressed to go to work.

First published in 1982, Karla Kuskin's  book is such fun that our family is hoping to attend a Young People's Concert by the New York Philharmonic. We won't be able to see the orchestra members putting on their clothes, but because of Kuskin's words and Marc Simont's funny pictures, we'll know a little more about what happens behind the scenes. The picture book is set up so that children (especially ones who don't know recognize the word "philharmonic") will be guessing about what exactly these 105 people dressing to go to work are actually going to do. This witty, clever way to learn about the orchestra will likely be one of our favorites this year.


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I bought this in 1989 at the gift shop at Lincoln Center in NYC, while on a college band tour. It is quite a favorite.

We have a family joke about some text. It says that the conductor has a stick (called a baton, which is French for... stick). He raises it. THe chandeliers twinkle.

We joke that the baton is what caused the twinkling.

Hi, Heidi. That's great that you have a copy of this book! We might have to buy our own for home; right now we're reading a library copy. My son, who's in first grade, asks for it repeatedly.

I've seen it and I used to work there -- a good read by the way. Good to develop young audiences.

Hi, Chris. I agree with you: Kuskin's book has already made my son more interested in the orchestra. Such a fun read.

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