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Reviews, Narnia, and the Prom

Kelly, proprietor of  the kid-lit blog Big A little a, rounds up the latest children's book reviews from the Washington Post, LA Times, and the New York Times, so do go check them out.

At the Guardian, the author Alison Lurie writes about C.S. Lewis and Narnia. The Narnia topic, currently stirring up things on at least one  list-serv and a couple of Internet bulletin boards,  is on everyone's mind (or so one might think) because of the movie, which comes out on Friday, December 9th.

Your Fairy Bookmother reviews Laurie Halse Anderson's young-adult novel Prom on her blog. I"ll check our library for the new book, as  I read Anderson's Speak earlier this year. Speak is a powerful, accessible story about a serious subject, a sexual crime at a high-school party. It's not a dreary read at all;  Halse's heroine is triumphant.


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