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In with the New, and In with the Old

Last week the author Gail Gauthier wrote a great post on the task of the lit blogger. We need not limit ourselves to writing about new releases, she points out. I wholeheartedly agree. Otherwise, we are covering the same exact ground as newspapers, magazines, and television.

Gail Gauthier writes,

Bloggers can expand the window of opportunity for book promotion from a few months to...forever. We can bring older books to new readers. We can remind readers of books they were interested in but missed in all the pandemonium of new releases. We can expose them to books they would have never considered reading without us.

You can read the whole essay at Gail's blog, Original Content. Scroll down when you get there to the January 19th entry,  "A Mission for Litbloggers."

Recently I went into the Super Duper Bookstore and asked for Barbara Knutson's picture book Love and Roast Chicken, which a smaller publisher  issued last spring.  When the salesperson looked up the book on the computer, she said, "Oh. We never even ordered that one at all." I don't know if she meant the entire chain or just the one store. I do know that it's a wonderful book, and after reading Original Content, I plan to write a longer review of it here!


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I agree -- post on the old and the new! Your blog has given me some great ideas for read-alouds with my kids. Thanks.

Thank you for kind words, Carrie! I'm going to take Original Content's advice to heart and review some older books from time to time. I love the work of Bill Peet, for instance.

Make new friends, but keep the old... :)

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