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Music Note: Calling Mr. Mozart?

Today is the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Let's celebrate. The local NPR affiliate is broadcasting lots o' Mozart all day--that's good--but I have books on the mind, as usual. Do any of you wise readers out there have recommendations for a child-friendly biography for any age: the picture-book crew, middle-graders, or hip young adults? Thank you in advance.


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1)Mozart- from the Famous Children Series published by Barron's. I think the author is Ann Rachlin.

2) Young Mozart by Rachel Isadora.

3) The Magic Flute by Anne Gatti - It comes with a CD too!

Kelly, wonderful! Thank you very much. I'm going to look for these.

I also Blogged Mozart's birthday yesterday - and there's a book mentioned at the bottom of the Mozart part of my Blog. - with a link to Amazon UK (yes, yes, I know, Amazon, Tut ! - but I earn associates' fees from them, which means I can buy books like "Fire and Hemlock" and "Sea of Trolls" (ordered yesterday)).

Anyway the new book is called "The Classic FM Friendly Guide to Mozart" and is intended to be a guide to Mozart the man, rather than Mozart the genius !

Peter Sis's PLAY, MOZART, PLAY! is coming out from Greenwillow in May. Fantastic picture book bio for younger children. (Saw the F&G at ALA.)

Michele and Monica, thank you. The books you mention sound great! I knew that Chicken Spaghetti readers and I would get some good suggestions for celebrating with Mr. Mozart. Merci.

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