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Slow Bloggin' and Miss Rumphius

Blogging is a little slow this week, only because it is winter-break week and Chicken Spaghetti has added another  staff member, who is usually in first grade.  So instead of  talking about  literary news, we visited a submarine, hiked around the neighborhood, continued an infatuation with DK Eyewitness videos, chased/rescued the cat, and looked for broken pottery in the yard. (Ye olde thrifty New Englanders used to bury their trash.) Nothing has functioned as it should;  the ancient Sony Trinitron, the printer, and every toy that uses batteries have required parental attention. I'm not using the term "high-maintenance" as applied to the week so far, but should anyone else care to, go ahead.

Our most recent picture-book discovery is the very well-known Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney. Miss Rumphius is an independent lady who sees the world and later beautifies her Maine town by planting lupine everywhere. Kids will likely come up with lots of community-improvement ideas after reading Cooney's book.


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I LOVE Miss Rumphius. Somehow this book appeals to both children and to me as an adult. (It could be added to the Child_Lit cry list.)

My goal is to BE Miss Rumphius.

It seems as if your gadgets breaking down temporarily forced you to do more relaxing things. I think I might go destroy my battery supply!

I love Miss Rumphius! Oh I love her so much! I have a great story about that book, too. Hmm, I'll have to blog on that. But not today. Today I have to blog about a meal.

Did y'all notice how the older Miss Rumphius looks like Katharine Hepburn?

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to find out she wasn't really Barbara Cooney's aunt. (I was thrown by the first person narration.) We found this out from the Weston Woods video of "Miss Rumphius," which has an afterword.

Thank you for reminding to share Miss Rumphius with my students.

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