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Second Graders=Good Readers!

I have some second-grade friends who work hard at school. They know so many things, and they like to read! My pals enjoy books like the Magic Tree House series and A to Z Mysteries, and they want to read even more. Isn't that awesome! Here are some more recommendations; I asked two librarians to help me out, too. (Thank you, Ms. K. and Ms. E.)

One book I love

  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue, by Kate DiCamillo. Since you guys are reading Magic Tree House, you will find this chapter book easy. It's funny! Mercy Watson is a friendly pig who thinks about food 24/7. You could read it to first-grade and kindergarten friends or little brothers and sisters.

A series I think second-graders might like

  • The Magic School Bus Chapter Books. To me, these books look just a bit harder than Magic Tree House, but you can look at them and see for yourselves. All about science, the chapter book series is based on the original picture books by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen.

My library friends recommended the following series:

Book Sense Best Children's Books, edited by Mark Nicols, also mentions these series:  Hank the Cowdog, by Jon Erickson; Jenny Archer, by Ellen Conford; and Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's Spiderwick Chronicles.

Additional ideas, series or individual books, for this age group (7 to 9 years old) are welcome. (Please see the comments section.)

Hi to Ms. V's class!


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Thanks for the reading list. My pre-reader is completely into the Magic Tree House duo. You know, they are written as high interest books for beginning readers, so reading them out loud as an adult is sometimes painful. I found myself adding adjectives and verbs and dialogue! I was very glad today to discover the first 8 books at our library on CD!

Yeah! I can't wait to show this post to my class on Monday!

My daughter loved "The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes," written for the 2nd-3rd grade market.

I also love "I Stink!" Best alphabet book ever.

We recently read Mercy Watson to the Rescue and it was hysterical. I think we must have read it aloud four times to my 5 year old and 3 year old (and my 7 year old read it herself at least once.) So, so funny and fast-moving!

Aren't the characters in Mercy Watson great? Funny book. I cant' wait until the sequel.

Thank you very much! This is a weak age/ reading level for me; I've saved this list and have emailed it to friends who ask, "what do I give them after the Magic Tree House?".

hey, Liz. This area is a hard one for me, too. I had to ask for help! When I was in second grade, I loved Dr. Dolittle books--I'm going to look for them to see if the series will fly in these times. It's been eons since I've read one.

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