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"Curious George" Carries On

It's a Meme Thang

Here's a children's book meme that Big A little a started, which is making the rounds. I answered it with favorites from my own childhood, so I'm changing the tenses.  Grab it and meme away, if you would like.

What were your three favorite children's series?

1. The Hardy Boys
2. Encyclopedia Brown
3. Babar
Bonus: Curious George

What were your three favorite non-series children's books?

1. Misty of Chincoteague 
2. Heidi
3. Winnie-the-Pooh
Bonus: The Secret Garden, Little Women
What were your three favorite children's book characters?

1. Jo
2. Harriet the Spy
3. Misty, again. Neigh.

Bonus Round #1:

Q. Who wrote your least favorite childhood books?
A. Dr. Seuss

Bonus Round #2

Q. What was the saddest  moment in  your childhood reading?
A. When Beth dies in Little Women.

Bonus Round #3

Q. Which adult book scared the bejeezus out of you?
A. Sybil, by Flora Rheta Schreiber. And what little the book didn't scare out of me, the TV movie polished off.


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Love the bonus rounds, Susan! I'll add them when I've a few moments later today :)

"Sybil" still scares me.

I love this meme! I will do it this weekend.

Ooh ! I'll have to give this a go too !

I just finished the meme. It was SO fun to sit and think about books. I think I will have my daughter do this meme this weekend too!

Reading everyone else's memes has been great fun.

Sybil was quite terriying to me as well. *shudder*

I can still remember some of the terrible lines. I won't repeat them, don't worry. We might all start having Sybil flashbacks.

really? is sybil that scary? owww..i was thinking of doing sybil for my book report.. now im having second thoughts... i dont wanna dream scary things.

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