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Let It Snow

Blizzard! Here in New England we have some snow. Earlier this morning my son Junior measured 9 inches of it. A great day to sled, drink hot chocolate, and finish making the Valentines. I only wish we still had the library copy of Snowflake Bentley, written by Jacqueline B. Martin and illustrated by Mary Azarian.  Perfect reading for a day like today, Snowflake Bentley is a picture-book biography of Wilson Bentley, who was fascinated by snow as a child growing up in Vermont. He  went on to invent a method for photographing individual snowflakes.

The librarian at one local elementary school uses this book to introduce first-graders to biographies, and I can see why. It's written right at their level, and the pictures, woodcut prints, won Snowflake Bentley a Caldecott Medal back in 1998. Highly recommended.

Weather update: Looks like we got 18-20 inches of the fluffy white stuff.

Camille, who blogs about children's literature at Book Moot, wrote in with recommendation:  "A great book to pair with Snowflake Bentley is Walter Wick's Drop of Water.  His color photographs of snowflakes are astounding." Another one for the ever-growing list! Gracias.


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I hope you and junior enjoyed the snow, Susan!

That book is great. I was introduced to that book in a reading class several years ago. I will have to read it to my students this year. We never get snow in California's central valley. Some of the kids have gone to the snow though. Thanks for reminding me about this book.

Hi Susan,

I love your blog. I hadn't heard of Snowflake Bentley - sounds great! I'm going to check this one out for my blog.

We've having a heatwave here in the SF Bay Area - its been in the 70s for days!

Enjoy the snow!

A great book to pair with Snowflake Bently is Walter Wick's Drop of Water. His color photographs of snowflakes are astounding.

Here in Texas I am so envious of your snow. I know it can be a pain but we NEVER see it. I can only dream.

Catherine, thank you! We are enjoying the snow for everyone! Yesterday there was so much that one couldn't even sled properly. We kept running into snow drifts. I was thinking about it this morning, and realized that's why the librarian starts the kids on Snowflake Bentley; snow is a really familiar to the children in our area...and who doesn't love snow! Camille, thank you so much for the suggestion about Walter Wick. I'm going to add it to the post when I get a chance. There's a wistful quality about Snowflake Bentley that I, as an adult, appreciated.

Hard to think about snow on a humid June day, but your blog was linked from another. My children love to go to the Fairbanks Museum in VT to look at some photos Snowflake Bentley took. It is a great little museum and a highlight of our family vacation trip. They also have large pictures (maybe 18x24 and even larger) made from BUGS! Bugs and pieces of other insects. Fascinating for 3 inquisitive boys. Thanks for the memory jog!

Wendy, thank you for that recommendation. We'll have to check out that museum the next time we're visiting relatives in Vermont. Bug pictures---wait till I tell my son! He'll love it. I'm sure you know about the other good VT museums, the Montshire science museum (near Dartmouth, but on the VT side of the river) and the big ECHO museum in Burlington. Great places for young fun-loving scientists.

Thanks for stopping by.

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