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2nd Carnival of Children's Literature Announcement. NEW DATE.

On Monday, March 6th, Chicken Spaghetti hosts the second Carnival of Children's Literature. (Please note the new date. The later March date  was just too long to wait for. St. Patrick's Day will still be celebrated here on the 17th. Don't worry. I've been practicing the bagpipes.) Please send your Carnival submissions by Friday, March 3rd. Spread the word!

Chicken Spaghetti seeks links: blog entries from readers, writers, artists, illustrators, teachers, playwrights, academics, poets, home-schoolers, book reviewers, school-schoolers, editors, moms, dads, agents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, librarians, scientists, all  fans and/or critics of kids' books. One submission per person is grand.

All posts pertaining to children's books, poems, and plays will be considered. Because the staff and I tend to get carried away at carnivals, state fairs, and hoopla-filled events—we eat too much cotton candy and waste our money on silly games—this carnival will be an editors' choice carnival. (Otherwise, we'll ride every ride in town over and over, and throw a major tantrum when it's time to go home.)  Posts about non-fiction for children are particularly appreciated because, well, non-fiction needs its day at the fair, too. Poetry is another good subject. And information on children's reference guides (what's your favorite?)  would be stupendous.

Information to include:

Your name
The title of the post
The name of your blog
The post's URL
Your blog's URL

Send your submissions to


The first person to submit a post wins a prize.


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Oooh ... sounds like fun. Does your carnival have a roller coaster? The kind where you go loop-de-loop and upside down and then you go backwards? I loooove that!

Can't wait to see what people send in. Good luck!

Oh, absolutely a roller coaster--and one of those tall log rides that makes a tidal wave when it hits the water.

I'm so there! Sign me up.

Oh wait, now I have to write a post or something as the price of admission, don't I?

You can send a link of something you've already written; just add it to the package that the whirling teacups come in.

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