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Free Poster for National Poetry Month

Here is something fun. If you work at a school, library, bookstore, or community center,  you can request a free poster for National Poetry Month (April)  from the Academy of American Poets. One of the quotations on the poster is James Wright's poem "A Blessing," which I was just talking about last week. Synchronicity. Gotta love it. The Academy's site offers extensive resources, including a list of 30 ways to celebrate poetry month.

Thank you to Ruth Bavetta for pointing out the poster order form.  (You can see Ruth's art and read several of her poems here, online at Constant Reader, a friendly online community devoted to  reading.)


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Wowee! Off to spread the word lol, and have a poster sent to my mother in NYC...

During the month of April, Writers in the Schools (WITS) will email you a poem a day, each one written by a bonafide child! Watch the website. Sign up will start in a week or two.

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