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Weekend Reading 3/30/06

Tomorrow I will be schmoozing and seeking autographs at a kid-lit festival, so here is a little of this, a little of that about the world of children's books.

  • New Zealand Herald: Margaret Mahy wins the Hans Christian Andersen prize.   
  • Newsweek: Beverly Cleary turns 90. 
  • Scripps Howard News Service: Karen MacPherson looks at Lilly's Big Day, and interviews its author, Kevin Henkes.
  • Publishers Weekly: The trade mag chooses Time's Memory, by Julius Lester, as the book of the week. 
  • CBC Magazine: Christopher Paul Curtis issues "Three Absolutely Immutable Rules for Good Writing."
  • The Guardian: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the book of the year in Great Britain. Anthony Horowitz's Ark Angel picks up an award, too.
  • In the Bookroom: Library Journal launched a blog last fall. A belated welcome, y'all!
  • Mitali's Fire Escape: Mitali Perkins talks about "authenticity in storytelling."
  • GottaBook: Gregory K. says, "Poetry: it's not just for April any more..."
  • Jen Robinson's Book Page: Jen begins Scott Westerfeld's Uglies-Pretties-Specials trilogy. (Specials comes out in May.)


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I had *no* idea that Beverly Cleary was still alive -- long live Ramona!

Sounds like so much fun!

Becky, I know. Amazing.

Don, enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

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