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Weekend Reading 3/30/06

SLJ's Book of the Week

A neat little feature of School Library Journal's online edition is the book pick of the week. For March 27th, the choice is a picture book, The Boy Who Loved Words, written by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Giselle Potter. Trot over to SLJ, and read the review.

Another good picture book with big words—well, one big word, at least—is Veronica, by Roger Duvoisin. The story of a hippopotamus who wants to be "conspicuous" was recently re-issued by Knopf, and Duvoisin's illustrations of  a big-bottomed hippo in the city are hilarious and endearing. If you love picture books, you'll want this classic for the home library. Don't forget Duvoisin's Petunia, too.

Last week's SLJ book pick was Kathleen Krull's biography of Isaac Newton, which the San Francisco Chronicle was digging, too, as I mentioned yesterday.  The week before that was The Book Thief.


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Susan, Do you live in the Bay Area? I notice you reference the Chronicle.


Katherine, I don't live in the Bay Area, but do like the Chronicle's book coverage. I'm in southern New England; the dominant newspaper in my area by far is the New York Times.

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