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Love your blog! Lots of great stuff here. May I add you to my blogroll? I review kiddie culture of all sorts - music, movies, books, TV. You have many wonderful resources. The Slate article in this entry looks especially interesting. I will check it out.

Thank you, and sure!

Your site looks fun. I look forward to catching up with the kids' music there! I'd like to get that Curious George CD.

Thanks for picking the Gombrich book out of the Guardian article -- caught my attention. I've been working on a review to post, and this may be the kick in the pants I need lol.

Happy weekend : )

Thanks for the link to the Slate article. I am always interested in views/ideas re: reading and boys, as most of the kids I work with are boys. While I do sometimes tend to look for good "boy books" I agree with the comment in the article that to a large extent this sometimes doesn't matter. I remember being surprised a few weeks ago when reading to a group of three boys. I had them go choose which books they wanted to read and one of them chose one of the books from the Madeleine series (ie: 12 little girls in 12 straight lines etc...). I had loved them as a child, but was surprised to find out that a boy would like them too. And not only the one who chose the book - all three.

It reminded me not to put the kids into categories or push on them what I thought they wanted to read.


When the Slate author writes, "The conventional educational wisdom holds that boys don't like to read about girls," I think she is off the mark. That sounds more like current (and past, and probably future) book-business/publishing and TV/film business "wisdom," not education wisdom.

As far as I've seen, librarians steer boys toward every kind of book imaginable; my son recently came home from the school library with a phonics comic book about fairies. He also LOVED the Madeline books and videos. And he adores those Richard Scarry books that Slate mentions, too.

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