Why Do the Kids Put Beans in Their Ears?
Maurice Sendak in The New Yorker

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Some of our recent favorites:

A Lion Named Shirley Williamson, by Bernard Waber. With a title like that, the book virtually called our name, and we weren't disappointed.  Shirley's special moniker irritates the other lions at the zoo, and something must be done to bring her down a notch. Junior asks for Shirley a lot.

Big Bugs, by Seymour Simon.  Beginning reader with photographs. Leads to conversations like, "Mom, would you be scared if you saw this bug in our house?" "Yes. Would you?" "No. Oooh, cockroach. Cool. How 'bout that one?"

That  New Animal, by Emily Jenkins. Best newish picture book I've seen lately. A baby's arrival, told from the point of view of the family dogs, FudgeFudge and Marshmallow. Dry wit, fun.

Dive! A Book of Deep Sea Creatures, by Melvin Berger. Beginning reader. Exciting information about odd creatures of the ocean's lower depths. Fish with weird lights in their mouths and so on. Photographs.

Wet Dog!, written by Elise Broach, illustrated by David Catrow. A shambling ole too-hot dog wants to cool off. Junior thinks the illustrations  in this rhythmic picture book are hilarious.

Armadillo Rodeo, by Jan Brett. An adventurous armadillo mistakes a cowboy boot for a friend. With Brett's typically lush illustrations.

Shadows of  Night: The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat, by Barbara Bash. Picture book, non-fiction, great illustrations. Maternity colonies, hairless pink baby bats, echo-location, eating of insects, etc.


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The Emily Jenkins book is a great one, as is her Five Creatures. Another "new animal" picture book that might go over well with Junior is Widget & the Puppy.

Thanks, Chris! After reading That New Animal, I look forward to more books by Emily Jenkins. I enjoy her humor!

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