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Why Do the Kids Put Beans in Their Ears?

In a piece dated April 7th, Julie Just, the editor of the children's section of The New York Times Book Review, sums up some of the blog talk about the March 12th Naomi Wolf essay on the Gossip Girls,  A-List, and Clique books. That's kinda neat, but I wish Julie Just cited more bloggers who had actually read some of the books in question. I began to wonder: is it possible few adults read the series? That mostly only  kids have cracked their covers? Without consulting us, their parents, librarians, teachers, reviewers, and whatevers? Shocking.

This is getting all a little, I don't know, post-modern. A blog writing about a paper writing about blogs who've written about the paper. Goodness. My head is spinning. It's time for "The Sopranos," anyway. That will be relaxing. Right?


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No kidding, Susan! That was one weird "article" on blog responses.

Did you see that Gail read a "Gossip Girl" and commented today? As usual, great Gail perspective.

oh, I'll have to go see what Gail has to say. For the rest of you, there's a link on the right-hand side of this page, to Original Content, author Gail Gauthier's blog.

It took me a couple days, but I finally figured out where the line "Why did the kids put beans in their ears" was from. "The Fantastiks", yes? I feel so smart.

Yes, Fuse, The Fantastiks. You got it! One of my old roommates had the cast album, and I heard it many times. Did you see the show at that teeny tiny theater in the Village? I can't believe it ever closed; it ran for years and years.

I saw it downtown when I was in high school, and in an old scrapbook around here somewhere (not that kind of scrapbook) is still an autographed picture of one of the actors!

that's a hoot. I have the Playbill somewhere in the attic.

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