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"This is a shout-out to all my token booth peeps."

I heard a d.j. on KISS-FM say that the other day as he introduced a song, and I just loved it. KISS-FM is a funky New York soul station (98.7 on the dial); we even get it way up here in New England. I pictured  hundreds of isolated token-booth clerks in subway stations all over New York suddenly hearing their shout-out and dancing along to the record. It made my day.

So, to all my token booth peeps and everyone else, happy Wednesday!


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How wonderful, Susan :)

Isn't it great, Kelly? I'm so glad I had a pencil & paper in the car!

Please explain, for an ignorant Brit., just what a "token booth" is !

Thanks !

Michele, token booths are the little glassed-in booths, usually manned by one person, in New York subway stations. Instead of selling tokens now, they sell MetroCards (digitized transportation passes). My 10+ years of experience with token booth people (or peeps, as Kiss-FM would say) was that they were a pretty somber bunch.

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