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Book Ban, Miami Style

1575723840Uh oh. Another potential book banning is in the works, this time in Miami. An elementary school parent is said to be upset about Vamos a Cuba, by Alta Schreier; the book contains the allegedly controversial sentence, "The people of Cuba eat, work and study like you.''

There is a movement afoot at the Miami-Dade School Board to remove the book from school libraries. Needless to say, Cuban exile politics are at the heart of the matter.

I perused the publisher's web site and found other scintillating material in Schreier's geography title for five to seven year olds, including these sorts of questions: "What kinds of fruits grow in Cuba?  Which spiky plant do some Cubans eat as a vegetable?" The next thing you know, someone is going to say something crazy like Cuba is an island.

Read the whole newspaper article at the Miami Herald.

Update 4/19: There is no immediate ban of the book, but the matter is not over. The Herald is reporting,

The Miami-Dade School Board today rejected a move to immediately remove a controversial children's book on Cuba from all school libraries, clearing the way for an appeals process to continue.

The bill failed in a 6-3 vote...   Read more of Matthew I. Pinzur's article here.



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Those Cubans can be rather impassioned about politics. I remember one of the Spanish-language papers down there ran a photo of a politician who switched parties -- to the Democrats -- next to one of Castro with the headline "Separated at Birth?"

I blame the humidity in Florida. It plays havoc with your sanity.

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