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More Good News

Kid lit bloggers are on a roll this week. Amid the poetry excitement, I didn't even notice that Paul Acampora's debut novel, Defining Dulcie, was School Library Journal's pick of the week.

Paul blogs over at LiveJournal.

By the way, SLJ also features a promising article on questioning authority. The premise: "Kids need to be skeptical of the curriculum. It’s the only way to develop a balanced view of the world."


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Thanks for the link to Paul's blog. I hadn't run across that one before.

Hi Susan!
Thanks for sharing my news! You and all Chicken Spaghetti folks in the vicinity of Bethlehem, PA on Tuesday night (4/18) are invited to join a fun event at Moravian College. I'll be joining two of my favorite writers, David Lubar and Laurie Halse Anderson, at a free event (including free food!) to talk about fiction for teens. You can find additional info here:
Thanks again!

And thanks for telling SLJ about little old me! I tell ya, a guy could start to feel legitimate if this keeps up :-)

Paul and Greg, I'm proud of you two!

I'm proud of you two, too and I'm just their "little ole" blogger. ;)
Congrats from the SLJ Blog.


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