Weekend Reading 4/7/06
Why Do the Kids Put Beans in Their Ears?

Poetry Friday: The Fib

Having taken poetry month to heart, Gregory K., screenwriter and GottaBook blogger, invented a new poetic form called the fib, which he introduced on April 1st. It's based on a mathematical concept called the Fibonacci sequence; I'll let Mr. K. explain it further. Click on the above link.

The invention is catching on like crazy. Have you seen all the fibs around?  The  form is 6 lines with a 1/1/2/3/5/8 syllable sequence. Since Big A Little A started Poetry Fridays and Gotta Book started fibbing, well, I have to hit the dance floor, too. No use being a wall flower, right? (And I love a good slightly loony project!) So here is my reversible fib. Or inverse fib. Or something. Try a fib; you'll like it.

The Henhouse

O, hot
Crowded coop.
Faced with tailfeathers
When my egg arrives. Move over!

Cool breeze. Space now, but not for long.
Shady trees, high limbs,
Roosts galore,


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Oh gods ! Maths and poetry combined - my head hurts !

Excellent Fibbery!

I can't believe I got through my posting on poetry today and forgot about fibs! Ah well - perhaps by next week I will have managed to write one.

I'll give it some thought before then - love yours!

Michele, ha! You should try a fib; it's fun. I wish I could say I knocked off my kooky poem in two seconds flat, but...

Gregory K., thanks and thanks for introducing us to the Fib! I was counting on my fingers all morning.

Louise, go for it! Fibs are fun. Goofiness reigns. Or rains.

Nice one, Susan :)

Thanks, Kelly! (You are too kind about my loony venture into poetry writing.) If you or anyone else would like to leave a poem fib in the comments here, do join in!

When I was growing up, a fib got you a spanking. Glad to see you can fib with impunity these days, at least on the blogosphere.

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