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While remembering "Amar Chitra Katha," an old Indian comic book series, Sepia Mutiny's Neeraja Viswanathan (no relation to you know who) calls for a good comics version of the Mahabharatha. I once had a chance to attend a nine-hour Mahabharatha play in Brooklyn, but chickened out at the last minute. A comic book, though? That I could handle.

Props to Mitali Perkins for mentioning the group blog Sepia Mutiny.

Update: thanks to a suggestion from Pooja Makhijani in the comments, I found the ACK Mahabharatha at a library a few towns away, and it's available by interlibrary loan. Amazing.


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Have you checked out the Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) version on the Mahabharatha? I am sure you can buy it online. As Neeraja V. says, it's an imperfect version, but a wonderful introduction to this major Hindu epic.

ACK was my only window into the myths, folktales, etc. of India from my New Jersey suburban home.

P.S. Sepia Mutiny rocks!

Yay on the ACK Mahabharatha! Will have to look for it. Thanks, Pooja. I do have some regrets about missing the 9-hour one. Sepia Mutiny is full of interesting voices. I like that. Reminds me a little of La Bloga, also a group blog.

Susan, I found it online!

And if you interested in a cinematic version of the epic, I highly recommend Peter Brook's Mahabharata, which came out in 1989 and is now on DVD.

Yeah, Pooja. That's the one I missed; the theatre version was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music way back when.

oh, oh, the comic! I'm checking out the link right now.

Yay on finding the ACK Mahabharatha at the library! Full report when you finished!

Have a wonderful long weekend.

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