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Poetry Web Site for Kids

Giggle Poetry,  a fun site for children, contains more several hundred poems. There's nothing "Hiawatha"-ish  here, just a lot of silly works about school, family, and pets, among other subjects. Children can even rate the poems. Meadowbrook Press is behind it.

That's my contribution for Poetry Friday, a day on which many of the children's literature bloggers post a poem or another poetry-related item like a review. If you have a blog, do join in. (To check out copyright issues, go here and here.)

Also, pay a visit the other folks posting about rhyme and stanzas and such today: Big A little a, Blog from the Windowsill, Book Buds, Bookshelves of DoomCajun Cottage Under the Oaks, Farm School, A Fuse #8 Production, Here in the Bonny Glen, Jen Robinson's Book Page, Little Willow, Mungo's Mathoms, The Simple and the Ordinary, So Glad I'm Here, and Susan Taylor Brown.

Kelly at Big A little a started this poetic venture, and like a good meme, it has really taken off! If I missed anyone's contribution, leave a comment and I'll add your blog to the list.


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Thanks for including my blog. I had no idea that there were other bloggers doing a poetry Friday, but I guess great minds think alike :)

Oh, that's funny, Renee. I saw your post during a Technorati search. Glad to hear great minds are thinking poetry! The more the merrier.

Thanks for linking!

You're welcome!

Thanks for the link!

Nice web page!

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