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So Long, McNuggets

Eric Schlosser, the Fast Food Nation guy, is getting lots o' press for his new book for preteens and teenagers, Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food. The Los Angeles Times caught up with Schlosser in Berkeley last week, and yesterday both the New York Times and the Washington Post reviewed the book, which was co-written with Charles Wilson. NY Times: "Read this, and you have had your last Happy Meal." WaPo: "Along with the all-McDonald's-diet movie, 'Supersize Me,' this should be required fare before the next lunch bell rings."

If you're in Portland, Oregon, you can catch Schlosser at the First Congregational Church tonight, at 7. It's a free event; seating on a first-come, first-served basis. See the Powell's Chew on This link above, for more details.


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This book needs no press, it sells itself to kids.

My soon-to-be 8 year old daughter picked this book off the shelf at the bookstore the week it was released, with no foreknowldge or prodding. She pleaded for us to buy it and has shared it with her friends. And she cannot imagine anything in the world worse than eating at a McDonalds or any fast-food joint. We've also seen her fighting less about the food we do put in front of her, perhaps realizing there are worse things in the world than vegetables.

I couldn't be prouder.

We have this at home too, even though our kids are too little to read. The hubby, however, hasn't been able to set it down. Not that he needed convincing. In fact, it pretty much reinforces his world view that our food supply is controlled by the Spawn of Satan.

After the reviews--and one heck of a nasty meal recently under the Golden Arches--I'm going to try to read this one. (My son is too little for it, too.) If I didn't love barbecue, I'd seriously consider being a vegetarian.

But McDonald's french fries are SOOOOO good.

We just received our copies of Chew on This at the library where I work, and I've gotta say, ignorance is definitely bliss. But once you have this kind of info, you just have to change your ways.

I like the iced tea, too. Surely no animal products are involved there. If they are, well, as you say, Jay, ignorance is bliss. I better read the book to find out.

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