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May Edition of "The Edge of the Forest"

The Whole Shack Shimmies

Yo, music lovers! Get ready for those summer road trips and stock up on some tunes.

The Lovely Mrs. Davis reviews Dan Zanes's latest CD, and it sound like a must-buy. You'll get plenty of other recommendations for good, non-sappy music for kids at The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think. Don't miss her post on boys and reading, too.

Meanwhile over at Children's Music That Rocks, Warren Truitt says that  the best bar band in the country is the Rhodes Tavern Troubadours, who play music for children. He reviews the group's CD "Turn It Up, Mommy!" Yeah! Another one for the gotta-get list. By day the Kids' Music critic is a librarian at the Donnell Library Center, in NYC. (As for that  best bar band claim, until I hear the RTTs, I'll have to go with Nashville's own Webb Wilder. Not that I hang out in bars. Any more.  Mom.)

Stop by these two juke joints and say howdy.


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I'm so glad that people are picking up on Warren's blog. He just played one of his newest CDs for me the other day and it blew my little mind. I had no idea that children's music was so cool until he started getting into it. Thanks for giving him the shout out!

Hi, Fuse #8! Y'all must have a great time working at the Donnell. Looks like there are plenty of recommendations for more good music at Warren's site. I need to liven up our own music collection here at home, so I'm glad to know of the good recs out there.

For lots more children's music recommendations and news, you can check out my website Zooglobble (http://zooglobble.blogspot.com). (As heard on NPR. Really.)

For a B-52's-esque sound (you didn't think I'd miss the shack-shimmying reference, did you?), you can check out the Hipwaders' second (self-titled CD).

Great, Stefan! I will check it out soon. Thank you. NPR? Whoa. Nice.

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