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Weekend Reading 5/12

  • McGraw-Hill has responded to Patricia Polacco's allegations of censorship. GalleyCat has the story. Update: McGraw-Hill has left statements at several blogs, including GottaBook, about the Polacco controversy. 
  • Toni Morrison's Beloved is the best novel of the last 25 years. Sez the New York Times.
  • Award-winning children's writer Sonya Hartnett, of Australia, has written a novel (for adults) that the Sydney Morning Herald calls "steamy literary pornography." She did use a pseudonym, Cameron S. Redfern, for Landscape with Animals.
  • The Independent reports on a new work for teensDoes My Head Look Big in This?, written by Sydney attorney Randa Abdel-Fattah. The British paper says the book "tackle[s] the thorny issue of wearing the hijab, in one of the first novels to portray the experiences of a Muslim girl growing up in a Western society."


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Susan -- even since that GalleyCat story, SRA/McGraw-Hill has been busy, going around to various blogs (mine, ReadRoger, etc) that had blogged about the controversy and leaving a statement in the comments. The statement included a link to the contract between them and Patricia Polacco... which simply raises other issues as opposed to closing the story out. Impressive that they came to the blog level, though.

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