4th Carnival of Children's Lit at Bonny Glen
What Does People Like?

Welcome, Y'all

Welcome, Achockablog readers,  fairgoers from the Carnival of Children's Literature, and the Club Mom fans sent here by Amy's Daily Dose. You've reached the land of Chicken Spaghetti. I hope you're not jet-lagged. I write the occasional review and link news and tell a story here and there; most of this concerns children's books. I started my blog about a year ago, after admiring many of the literature and culture blogs from afar. Many of these—like Maud Newton, About Last Night, Beatrice, Moorishgirl—are listed in the sidebar at the right under More Links. Reading books with my son, who's now six, got me interested in children's literature, and voila, here I am.

My favorite childhood books were Harold and the Purple Crayon, Misty of Chincoteague (and 500 other horse stories), The Secret Garden, Heidi, The House at Pooh Corner, Little House on the Prairie, and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Tomorrow I'll probably remember others that I liked even more. With my son, I have discovered so many books; beloved by both of us are those by Kevin Henkes, James Marshall, Bill Peet, and many, many others. (I will always love Stan and Judi Barrett's Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing for making me laugh out loud.)

Thank you for stopping by and do visit again!


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Hey, Susan, you're everywhere today! Check out Mom's Daily Dose...
(http://blogs.clubmom.com/daily_dose/2006/05/blogs_not_just_.html). Kudos to you!

thank you! I'll run over and check it out.

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