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48 Hour Book Challenge Summary

During the weekend's 48 Hour Book Challenge, I read two and a half books. (More on the half soon. The 2 books that counted came to 292 pages.) I don't know how long it took me in all because I fit everything in between a carnival, the final soccer game of the season, a birthday party, and Father's Day. And I'm not totally surprised to find out that I much prefer sharing children's books with children to reading them by myself. I missed the conversations, the goofy observations, the non-sequiturs, and that magical thing that happens between two people when they read a book together.

One of the books I read, How I Found the Strong, I'll remember for my son when he is older; it would be a good read-aloud for a parent and an eleven year old. Set in my home state of Mississippi, the coming-of-age novel  details  the  awful toll of war, even for the people who stay behind. For a middle-school child interested in, or studying, the Civil War, the fast-paced book ought to be of great interest. Margaret McMullan wrote How I Found the Strong, which is based on family stories, for her son, and  it's a good one for boys.


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Impressive to read this much, with so many family obligations! I was able to read quite a bit, but not having kids helped a lot there. Mheir (my partner in crime) got a little attention starved towards the end, though, and I had to end the challenge a couple of hours early.

I do love reading with kids, too, but I don't have the chance all that often...

Jen, in addition to Junior, I read as a volunteer with some children in a nearby city. I love hearing what they have to say.

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