Lemony Snicket & Daniel Handler
Poetry Friday: Billy Collins


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Yeah, nice, but two complaints. One, it should have included "Papa, Do You Love Me?" by Joose. Two, when you are listing books for people to buy, you might want to get the title correct. Mo Willems book is "You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons." Not "Rains."

Hey, M.R.! The beauty of the Web is that things can be corrected so easily. Print is a different matter. Ugh. Years ago when I worked at Vogue, the magazine printed a wrong phone number on some ad that was created in-house, and some poor lady in Queens was deluged with phone calls. I remember that the advertising dept. sent her flowers. (And as for me at a fashion magazine, I lived in fear that the "Glamour Don't" photographer was going to ask me to pose for the fashion faux pas section...)

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