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Poetry Friday: Deborah Garrison

Every time I consider skipping Poetry Friday, in which a bunch of bloggers post poems or poetry-related articles, I think of one more poet to mention. Today's wordsmith is Deborah Garrison, and Random House offers an excerpt from her first book, A Working Girl Can't Win (1998), and includes one of my favorites, "The Firemen." I know those firemen! They worked right next door to the old New Yorker office building, and I used to pass by them every day, too.

I also like "Worked Late on a Tuesday Night" with its description of the area near the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, "Midtown is blasted out and silent."

Copyright restrictions are quite tight on these works, so to read  them in their entirety, go visit  Random House. On the site, I read that Deborah Garrison has a new book coming out in February 2007. Great!


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Thanks for posting this! I think I've actually borrowed this book and not read it, so it was nice to have a reminder. I've not "lurked" here for a while.

Sarah Louise, glad you stopped by for a visit!

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