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Snakes and Armadillos

School ends tomorrow, and we have a couple of weeks before summer day camp begins, so we'll see if that time off leads to more reading...or not. It may lead to more beach-going, in which case maybe I could come up with a nature-related post for Field Day, a blog carnival at By Sun and Candlelight. (Thank you to Melissa Wiley's new blog, the Lilting House, for pointing out the new carnival.)

Speaking of nature, last summer Junior liked reading A Gathering of Garter Snakes, by Bianca Lavies, a photo-essay about a place in Manitoba where snakes spend the winter in a big pit. Perhaps that book is what encouraged him to snatch up every garter snake he sees in our yard without fear and put it in some carefully constructed "new home," which bears a striking resemblance to a salad-bar container. (He frees them at the end of the day, and although he wanted to bring one in for show-and-tell, the idea was not met with enthusiasm by the teacher. Frankly I was not that anxious to drive around with it in the car, either, being fairly certain it would escape the salad-bar house.)

Recently at the library I spied another book by Lavies called It's an Armadillo!, and this one has been a hit, too, even though Junior has never seen an armadillo in person. You'll learn a lot about the odd-looking mammal; I never knew they jumped when scared. I don't have to worry about any armadillos being nabbed and re-located, since we don't have them in our neck of the woods. But Junior is really looking forward to seeing some the next time we visit his grandparents down South. Watch out, armadillos! (You are forewarned, too, Granma.)


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