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"Vamos a Cuba" Stays for Now

If you've been following the Vamos a Cuba story in Miami (see previous entries here, here, and here), you'll be interested to hear that a federal judge has said that for now the children's picture book (and others in the series) should not yet be removed. Matthew I. Pinzur, the lead education reporter at the Miami Herald, has the latest:

A series of children's books banned this month by the Miami-Dade School Board must stay in the district -- and possibly in the schools -- until a federal judge holds a preliminary hearing in late July.

Copies of Vamos a Cuba and 23 other titles in the same series remain in school libraries, according to School Board attorney Luis Garcia. U.S. District Judge Alan Gold told the district today to keep possession of the books, saying he wanted to ''hold the status quo'' until a July 21 hearing, but he did not specify whether the books need to remain on shelves and accessible to students.

''One way or another, these books are going to remain here until I rule on this case,'' Gold said.

To read the entire piece at the Miami Herald, click here.

On his blog, Pinzur notes that a school board member, who is running in a hotly contested election, sent a memo to schools chancellor Rudy Crew asking the status of the book removal, stating, "With all due respect, neither your or the school board attorney have the authority to override or delay the decision and directive of the duly elected school board members, as represented in this majority decision, reached after much scrutiny and debate." Crew responded, and you can read what he said on Pinzur's blog.

Needless to say, it looks like the Vamos saga will continue well into the summer, at least.


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July 8, 2006

By Frank Bolanos

Mr. Frank Bolanos is a member of the Miami-Dade School Board

If the Newark, New Jersey school board decided to issue "Little Black Sambo" as a third grade reader, how would that largely African-American community react?

Famed progressive educator Carl L. Marburger posed this question in 1974, when he said controversial schoolbooks in rural West Virginia showed the public school system's "astonishing insensitivity to local cultural values." "

[Edited here by Susan Thomsen to avoid coyright issues. Also, please note that any public relations material should be announced as such and not just dropped into a comment. Public relations material should be sent via e-mail. For the rest of this op-ed piece from the Miami Herald, go to the following URL.]

Thank you for your comment. I will insert a link to the Herald op-ed piece. Running the entire piece on my site would be a copyright violation, and I don't want to do that.

I appreciate your taking the time to comment. If you are associated with the writer of the op-ed piece, I would hope that you would say so.

I believe that if we are going to remove books from library shelves becasue of the lies in historical view then we should begin removing the american history books which tells the story about the pilgrims and write the true story about chirstopher columbus and his expedition. Why do you think we have a great diversity in USA? Look at how the American Indians live in reservations when we all enjoy living at large with the rest of the crowd in the keys and showing off a fancy boat. WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH THEN LET US PROTEST ABOUT ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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