Summer in the U.K.
History Repeats Itself?

5th Carnival of Kid Lit Soon--Over Yonder

The fifth Carnival of Children's Literature airs on July 23rd at Kelly Herold's blog, Big A little A; submission deadline is July 15th. Run, hop, skip over to Kelly's for the details. (A blog carnival is a roundup of links to posts on a particular subject.)

My apologies for the sporadic posting around here these days. Summer fun has been keeping us busy.  Today we went for a little nature walk, and Junior somehow stepped into some black mud that came past his knees. I mean, this is New England, not the Everglades. Where did that come from? On Friday we spent the whole day at the beach; if you want to see a neat site for identifying New England sea creatures, click over to this one offered by the University of Rhode Island and others.

So, if you don't see me here I am out and about, but will be back soon.


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Thanks, Susan for the link!

You're welcome. Now I just have to write something for the carnival!

I love summer out and abouting. I always get a little depressed on the 4th of July because it signals the swift end to summer. Here in Texas we start school on Aug. 10. Here's to the last few weeks!

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