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5th Carnival of Kid Lit Soon--Over Yonder

Summer in the U.K.

The Times critic Nicolette Jones shares her summer reading recommendations, and includes the recent Carnegie winner, Mal Peet's Tamar ("a big, fat, satisfying, sophisticated read"). Jones's list covers a wide range of ages, although some books are likely available in the U.K. only. The critic calls Junie B. Jones (the heroine of Barbara Park's early chapter books) "cute but stroppy."

The Carnegie medal is like the U.S. Newbery (it's for books for older readers), while the Greenaway honors illustration. Wolves, by Emily Gravett, won the Greenaway this year; the short list can be found here for the Greenaway and here for the Carnegie.



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I hate reading glowing reviews and not being able to find the titles at my library!

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