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Critical Mass, the blog of National Book Critics Circle board of directors, recently interviewed Tom Walker, book editor of the Denver Post. Among other topics, he talked about book-reviewing cliches that get the delete button, and Critical Mass followed up with another post on phrases to avoid. Oops. I'm guilty of having employed at least two of them:  "limns" (when I used to review theater) and "laugh out loud."  Oh, dear.  I would also add "muscular prose" to the Critical Mass list. Ew. Are there any cliches that you would add to the list?

Links to the Critical Mass posts [edited to update earlier information]
"The War Against Cliche"
"The Critical I: Six Questions for Tom Walker"


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I hate reading criticisms of book reviewers, it's invariably horribly embarrassing!


Susan, here are the permalinks: cliches Walker hates and 6 questions.

Walter, thank you! I have corrected my copy.

Oh god. I suck.

Ha. No way, Leila.

Does the "Dance of Reviewing Joy" - not one single cliche on that list has ever appeared in any of my reviews...

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