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Lunch with Book Buds

What fun to meet a kindred spirit and fellow fan of children's literature! Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with Anne, of Book Buds. She was visiting relatives in this corner of New England, and so I got to meet my first in-person kid-lit blogger. I really enjoyed chatting about writing, books, kids, you name it. Come back soon, Anne!

I look forward to meeting more of the kidlitosphere crew at the upcoming "Fear and Fiction" conference in NYC. I'll be the one with the book in my hand. Oh, wait. That describes the rest ofl y'all, too, doesn't it?


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I had a great time today, Susan. So nice to get away from the kids for a while too, eh? I mean, I love them and all, but there's something to be said for adult conversation, even if we mostly talked about ... uh, kids! Imagine that.

Have a great time at the "Fear and Fiction" conference. I'm very envious.

Very cool, Susan and Anne! I hope to meet you both this (academic) year as well.

I won't be attending the Fear and Fiction conference, but I do live in New York City. Might you be free to grab a cup of coffee while you are in town?

Kelly, come east and visit. Pooja, I'll e-mail you; that would be fun.

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