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Macaulay Lands "Genius" Grant

What will David Macaulay build with $500,000? The author and illustrator of The Way Things Work was one of 25 winners of a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant. (Here is the whole list of 2006 fellows.) Adrian LeBlanc, whose book (nonfiction, for adults) I mentioned last week, is also in the money.

From the MacArthur web site: The  Fellows Program "awards five-year, unrestricted fellowships to individuals across all ages and fields who show exceptional merit and promise of continued creative work. It is limited to U.S. citizens and other residents of the United States."

Update: Interviewed yesterday evening on NPR, Macaulay said that he is in the middle of a big project on the human body and how it works; he'll use some of the money to finish this. Also, when the mortgage and the oil truck arrive at the same time, he won't have to worry, the Vermont resident jokingly told Robert Siegel.

Props to GalleyCat for the MacArthur news, and to Theresa for the NPR info


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Great news! Congrats to Macaulay!

I heard an interview on NPR where he said he was working on a book on the Human Body and how it works, and he would use the money to finish that up! I can't wait for that one!

Theresa, thank you! I've incorporated that info into the post and updated it. Gracias.

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