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"Open Season": The Music

I don't usually talk about children's movies here, although my family and I see a few from time to time. Last summer's "Cars" was cute. But I had no idea until I heard a tune on the radio that Paul Westerberg had done 9 of 12 tracks on the CD for the new animated film "Open Season." I'll leave it to Rotten Tomatoes to round up the critical takes on the flick, but Paul Westerberg! Dude, I'm so psyched. The track I heard, "Love Me in the Fall," is so rockin' and reminds me a lot of the Replacements, Westerberg's old band. Talking Heads' "Wild Wild Life" is on the soundtrack, too. Junior is going to be so embarrassed when his mom starts dancing in the aisles at the movie theater.


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I don't think Open Season is out here yet - I'm hoping to go and see Hoodwinked soon, though (which opened here yesterday).

As for embarrassing Junior by dancing in the aisles, it's good preparation for when he's a teenager and you'll probably be a permanent embarrassment, no matter what you're doing ! *grins*

You're so right, Michele. Everything your parents do when you're a teen is embarrassing.

I've no idea how good Open Season is, or how the music interacts with the story on screen, but as solo Paul Westerberg albums good, the soundtrack is a pretty darn good one. (You can see my review here.)

Uh, that would be "go," not "good."

Shoulda used the "Preview" button.

No problem, Stefan! Will check out your review. I loved me some Replacements way back when.

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