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Over at The Brookeshelf, a new children's literature blog, children's librarian Brooke reviews Eleanor Farjeon's Little Book Room ; it's part of "Forgotten Bookshelf," a regular feature  about older books.  Brooke writes of the collection of stories, "The Little Book Room is a perfect introduction to Farjeon's work." Go visit and read the whole piece. Welcome to the kidlitosphere, Brooke!

The Little Book Room, first published in 1955, was re-issued by the New York Review Children's Collection in 2003. The illustrator, Edward Ardizzone, also wrote books himself, including Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain. That picture book (another re-issued classic) relates the fun, old-fashioned adventures of a little boy who runs away to sea. Look for other titles in the Little Tim series, too.


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Oh, I had forgotten all about the Little Bookroom. I had that book as a child and LOVED it. Those stories are so magical. Thanks for reminding me, I'm going to go get it and read it again.

I remember childhood books illustrated by Edward Ardizzone with great affection. At the moment I'm trying to trace one jut by an illustration that I remember and I wonder if anyone of you could help.

The illustration which stands out so clearly in my mind is of a little boy (Tim?) talking to the driver of a horse and wagon. The driver is sitting up on the seat of the wagon and the horse has a hat on it's head with it's ears pocking through holes the holes which have been cut in the hat. Does anyone recall this illustration and which book it was in please?

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